Tracks the who, when, what of note edit is, and logs to file

Supported Games

Note Logger is a simple plugin which logs all updated notes, with what text they edited the note to read, and at what time the edit took place.

When a note is edited, the changes are recorded, and the information saved to a Data File. It can be accessed in game with the /note command. This is great to help and combat homophobic and racist hate speech passed via notes.

Notes: Updated notes are logged to file in the oxide/logs directory.
Timestamps are in the mm:dd:yyyy format.

Chat Commands

  • /note - Show information about the note you have in your hotbar
  • /note tp - TP yourself to the note


  • notelogger.admin - This or auth level 2 required to use the /note chat command


  "log to Console ": false

Example Data File

[10/21/2020 17:53:36] (player name) (player id): ID 190528837 : (note message)


  • Lincoln, for helping with the cration, and the idea for it.


Dark Side Development Discord


  • Lincoln