Creates mazes via commands

Supported Games


You cannot generate a maze above 30 squares to prevent heavy lag, or in some cases a server crash. For an example of how many of the base entities the size 30 will create, here is the equation for one floor. ((30^2)1)Plugin explanation

Beware of making large mazes, as this can cause lag on the server and in the worst cases, even a crash.
I will be working on optimization of the code to reduce the stress put on the server.


  • mazegen.gen -- Required to use the /maze and /maze.delete chat commands

Chat Commands

  • /maze <size> <height> <roof:true/false> -- Generate a maze with specified values
  • /maze.delete -- Erase the last generated maze

Command arguments

  • Size; This determines how many foundations wide the square will be.
  • Height; this determines how high the plugin will build the maze at. If it is set at 0, no maze is created.
  • Roof; true will mean there is a roof put on the maze. This only applies to the topmost floor, if there are multiple floors.


  • Prefix permission with plugin name. -Completed in V0.2
  • File name and title don't match uMod title. Completed in V0.2
  • Use language API for messages sent to users. Completed in V0.2
  • Improve description given in the [Description(...)] attribute to be more descriptive. Completed in V0.2
  • Add custom events to happen inside of mazes
  • Add the chance of treasure to be found (Changeable)
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