Shows your own customizable texts on the loading screen

Supported Games

This plugin allows you to display custom texts on loading screen. It replaces two status strings at a fixed rate with your desired content.


  1. Unity rich text feature is supported.
  2. Can specify many messages and cycle over them.
  3. Queue messages can be customized (with displaying queue position).
  4. Can specify the "last message" which will be shown when player is receiving data.
  5. Supported tags {PLAYERNAME}, {AHEAD} and {BEHIND} (queue only).
  6. Use shorter version of Hex color codes, ex: #99ccff (bad), #9cf (good).
  7. Increase the Text Display Frequency if the plugin is causing performance issues.


  • Text Display Frequency (Seconds) -> How frequently custom text is sent to the connecting clients. During the loading process the client changes status depending on its loading speed, it can happen frequently.
  • Enable Messages Cyclicity -> Display only one (first) message, or loop over them.
  • Use Random Cyclicity (Instead of sequential) -> Messages can be picked randomly or sequentially.
  • Cycle Messages Every ~N Seconds -> How often plugin should change the message?
  • Messages -> An array of messages.
  • Enable Queue Messages -> Enables the same functionality for players in queue.
  • Queue Messages -> Same as Messages, but only for players in queue. It's possible to show how much players ahead and behind current player by using {AHEAD} and {BEHIND} placeholders in the bottom status string.
  • Last Message (When entering game) -> This message will be shown when client is receiving data and about to spawn. Top status text will remain unchanged and will be shown during next respawns.

Default Configuration

  "Text Display Frequency (Seconds)": 0.3,
  "Enable Messages Cyclicity": false,
  "Use Random Cyclicity (Instead of sequential)": false,
  "Cycle Messages Every ~N Seconds": 3.0,
  "Messages": [
      "Top Status": "<color=#ff0>Welcome {PLAYERNAME}!</color>",
      "Bottom Status": "<color=#9cf>Enjoy your stay.</color>"
      "Top Status": "<color=#9cf>Hi there!</color>",
      "Bottom Status": "<color=#ff0>Enjoy your stay.</color>"
  "Enable Queue Messages": true,
  "Queue Messages": [
      "Top Status": "<color=#ff0>You're in queue...</color>",
      "Bottom Status": "<color=#9cf>{AHEAD} players ahead of you.</color>"
      "Top Status": "<color=#ff0>You're in queue...</color>",
      "Bottom Status": "<color=#ff0>{BEHIND} players behind you.</color>"
  "Last Message (When entering game)": {
    "Top Status": "<color=#ff0>Welcome to our server!</color>",
    "Bottom Status": "<color=#060>Entering game...</color>"

Dont want to put a license!