A simple way to increase your server rates

Supported Games

HW Loot Multiplier allows you to set a multiplier for several types of in-game loot.


  "Global multiplier": 1,
  "Enable global multiplier": false,
  "Plants": 1,
  "Animals": 1,
  "Airdrop loot": 1,
  "Loot frenzy loot": 1,
  "Mining drills": 1,
  "Gather resources": 1,
  "Pick up resources": 1,
  "Explodable mining rocks": 1,
  "Town event (Amount of cases)": 1,
  "Town case T1": 1,
  "Town case T2": 1,
  "Fragments case T1": 1,
  "Fragments case T2": 1,
  "Fragments case T3": 1

Example: if you want to increase airdrop loot to 2x, your config line must look like this:

 "Airdrop loot": 2,

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    For Developers:

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