The classic game mode of Hide and Seek. Hide from the imposter until only one crewmate remains

Supported Games

[B]Hide and Seek[/B] is work-in-progress re-make of the Prop Hunt / Hide and Seek game mode for games such as Garry's Mod, and other games. It's currently unfinished, but there's still fun to be had!

To hide as an item, you'd first need the permission that is documented below. Once you have that, you can use the chat commands or simply use the Left and Right mouse buttons. Enjoy!

[B]Note: [/B]I would recommend running this standalone, with no other plugins that change game mechanics. There is still a good bit that is hard-coded, but that'll be moved to a configuration soon.

[B]Features[/B][LIST][]Players can hide as any deployable object and be interacted with.[]Props are not damaged by attackers, but damage amount is passed to the hidden player.[]Attacking non-props will hurt the attacking player, and eventually kill them.[]Corpses are automatically removed to keep things clean.[/LIST][B][COLOR=#ff0000]Known Issues[/COLOR][/B][LIST][]No actual event yet, just the hiding and seeking.[]No configuration, but it doesn't really need one yet.[]No cooldown for taunts, so expect sound spam.[]No whitelist/blacklist of things not to use as props.[]Players may glitch if they try to hide as a non-deployable.[]Players sometimes get stuck as a prop if the server isn't restarted properly.[*]Holding an item when disguising as a prop will make the prop have that item.

[*]The taunt GUI button overlaps the VoIP, but it's better anyway[/LIST][B]Permissions[/B]

This plugin uses Oxide's permission system. To assign a permission, use [I][B]oxide.grant user <name or steam id> <permission>[/B][/I]. To remove a permission, use [I][B]oxide.revoke user <name or steam id> <permission>[/B][/I].[LIST][][B]hideandseek.allow[/B] [I](allows player to hide and unhide)[B]Ex.[/B] grant user [I]Wulf hideandseek.allow[/I][B]Ex.[/B] revoke user [I]Wulf hideandseek.allow[/I][B]Ex.[/B] grant group moderator hideandseek.allow[/I][/LIST][B]Commands[/B][LIST][][B]hide[/B][I]Disguises the player as the prop they are targeting[/I]

[][B]unhide[/B][I]Restores the player to their normal self[/I][/LIST][B]Credits[/B][LIST][][B]LaserHydra[/B], for helping remind me of this idea and helping test a lot.[/LIST]

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