Provides AOE repair functionality to players with permission

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Handy Man provides AOE repair functionality to players with permission. Repair is only possible where you can build.

Repair checks build privileges in order to only allow repair where you can build. If you are in a building blocked zone, you can't repair - same as the standard repair behavior.

Repair follows the normal repair rules regarding damage - can't repair a structural component that took damage in the past x seconds (no preventing raids by spamming repair.)

Note: The normal repair cost is still applicable when you repair, you just don't have to repair each component individually.


  • No Escape (optional)


  • handyman.use -- Allows player to use the /handyman chat command

Chat Commands

  • /handyman on/off -- Turn functionality on/off for self
  • /handyman -- Check if functionality is on/off for self

Help Text plugin support is included for displaying the commands available to players with the relevant options.


  "Repair range for AOE: default is 50m"
  "Default HandyMan state"
  "Repair Cost Multipier: (default: 1.0 - normal costs)"
  "Repair Deployables in addition to structures: (default: false - disabled)"


  • MrMan and nivex, the original author's of this plugin

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