Allows teleportation using the map grid reference and death reference

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Gr Teleport allows you to teleport using the map's grid reference letter/number system. Configurable cooldown timer, building block blocker, avoiding water to prevent abuse.

Can set daily limits and restricted zones. Will warn builders when construction within distance of grid Reference. messages players the exact location of their death when respawning.

NEW: Added delay timer, check for calories, hydration, temperature and wounded.


  • grteleport.use
  • grteleport.admin

Chat Commands

  • /grt XX##
  • /grt N10
  • /grt p12
  • /grt s4
  • /grt AB12

Admin Commands

  • /setcooldown # -- Sets cooldown period.
  • /toggleavoidwater -- Toggles avoid water setting.
  • /togglebuildingblocked -- Toggles building block restriction
  • /setdailylimit # -- Sets the daily limit of teleports.
  • /addzone XX## -- Adds reference to list of restricted zones.
  • /addzone XX##,XX##,.. -- Adds references to list of restricted zones.
  • /removezone XX## -- Removes reference from list of restricted zones.
  • /removezone XX##,XX##,.. -- Removes references from list of restricted zones.
  • /setconstruction ## -- sets distance of GridRef vs Construction warning.
  • /setgroup groupName # # -- adds/sets group with cooldown and dailylimit.
  • /getgroups -- display list of groups and settings.
  • /setwaterdepth #.## -- Sets allowable water depth to teleport onto. Good for puddles. Default is 1.0 meters.
  • /clearcooldown playername -- Clears cooldown for player
  • /clearcooldown -- Clears cooldown for all players.
  • /toggledeathmessage -- Toggles death location message.
  • /clearzones -- clears restricted zones or adds them all if it was empty.

Console Commands

  • grt.nextspawnTeleports player to next spawn available point.
  • grt.prevspawnTeleports player to previous spawn available point.

Great for key binding, allows your to cycle through the spawn points. Probably best for ADMIN ONLY.

Developer API

int TeleportToGridReference(BasePlayer player, string gridReference, bool avoidWater = true)
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