The control system for the Event Manager plugin

Supported Games

This is the control system for Event Manager. It manages the event data, controls the games and displays the GUI menu. This will not run with out Event Manager and vice-versa.

Note: The menu is pretty self explanatory so I wont go into complete detail here. I will give some basic information and if you find your self stuck on anything your welcome to post in this plugins support thread.


  • Event config creation and control
  • Auto-event management
  • Complete admin control board
  • Player class selector
  • Scoreboards
  • Player statistics
  • Game statistics
  • Event voting system
  • ... and much more!


Creating event configs

  1. Open the event menu by typing /event
  2. Navigate to the "Admin" tab
  3. Click the create button on the right hand side
  4. Select a event type (requires event plugins to be installed)
  5. Input your settings. Each event type will have different settings to choose from
  6. Click "Save" in the bottom left corner
  7. The events will be named automatically. You can rename them by typing /renameevent <currentname> <newname>

For information on what a event config is please see the Event Manager plugin's page.

Running a event (using a premade config)

  1. Open the event menu by typing /event
  2. Navigate to the "Admin" tab
  3. Select the "Change" button next to the "Event Config" label
  4. Select from one of your pre-made events
  5. Open and run as usual

Running a event (with out a event config)

  1. Open the event menu by typing /event
  2. Navigate to the "Admin" tab
  3. Select a event type
  4. Set your event details
  5. Open and run the event as usual

Admin menu breakdown

  1. Home - Take you to the home page
  2. Voting - Takes you to the voting page (if enabled)
  3. Statistics - View game/player statistics
  4. Admin - Displays the admin menu (as shown)
  5. Close - Exits the menu
  6. Control - Shows the event control screen (as shown)
  7. Kick - Kick any player in the event that is being played
  8. Join - Force any online player to join the event
  9. Classes - Class Selector editor
  10. Events - Displays all created event configs (delete configs from this menu)
  11. Create - Event config creation menu
  12. Auto Event - Auto event settings menu
  13. Event control buttons (start, stop, open, close)
  14. The currently selected event config
  15. The currently selected game type
  16. The currently select game mode (normal|battlefield)
  17. Score limit for this event (if applicable)
  18. Maximum players for this event
  19. The selected kit for this event (if applicable)
  20. The main spawn file
  21. The spawn type (see below)
  22. The event zone
  23. Enables the class selector
  24. Disables event players from picking up items in game
  25. Closes the event when it starts
  26. Respawn type (see below
  27. Respawn timer (see below)

Auto-event menu breakdown

  1. Enables/disables Auto events
  2. Manually set the next auto-event to be played
  3. Auto-cancels the event if not enough players enter
  4. The time in minutes between each auto-event
  5. The time in minutes before a event is cancelled for not reaching minimum playersRandomize List) Picks a random event from the list instead of playing through them consecutively
  6. The event config you wish to add to the roster
  7. The time in which players can join before being cancelled
  8. The time from when minimum players has been reached until the event starts
  9. The time limit of the event
  10. Saves that auto-event config to the list

So in conclusion, to add a auto-event to the list of playable eventssimply create a event config, select it in the Auto-Event Creator section, set your time limits and hit save!


  • eminterface.admin -- Allows player to access to the admin section of the menu

Chat Commands

  • /event -- Open the event menu


  "Colors": {
    "Background_Dark": {
      "Alpha": 0.98,
      "Color": "#2a2a2a"
    "Background_Light": {
      "Alpha": 0.3,
      "Color": "#696969"
    "Background_Medium": {
      "Alpha": 0.98,
      "Color": "#373737"
    "Button_Accept": {
      "Alpha": 0.9,
      "Color": "#00cd00"
    "Button_Inactive": {
      "Alpha": 0.9,
      "Color": "#a8a8a8"
    "Button_Standard": {
      "Alpha": 0.9,
      "Color": "#2a2a2a"
    "TextColor_Primary": "#ce422b",
    "TextColor_Secondary": "#939393"
  "Voting": {
    "Auto_AllowEventVoting": true, // Enables event voting
    "Standard_AllowVoteToOpen": true, // Enables users to vote to open a event
    "Standard_MinPlayersRequired": 10, // Minimum players required to open a event
    "Standard_RequiredVoteFraction": 0.4 // Minimum votes required to vote successfully


What is the Battlefield event mode?

Battlefield event modes remove any scorelimits from the event and simply runs the event for the amount of time that has been set in the Event Manager config.

What is the deal with the respawn types?

There are 3 respawn types available to choose from, this is what happens when a player "die" and is awaiting respawn

None - No respawn screen, instant respawn (Good for fast paced events such as gungame)

Timer - This is a timed respawn, when the player "dies" they will see the respawn screen for the amount for seconds you set

_Waves _- Waves are a countdown, if the player dies with 10 seconds left in the wave then they will respawn in 10 seconds, if there is 22 seconds left then respawn in 22 seconds, etc.

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