Rust integration for the Ember store / ban management system

Supported Games

Ember is a paid store / ban management / forum system with integrations for multiple games. This plugin is merely a Rust integration and doesn't include the full system.

This plugin requires an instance of Ember running on a web server.


Donation Store

  • simple to set up automatic payments with PayPal IPN, Stripe & BitPay
  • unlimited packages for unlimited Rust servers
  • optional package expiration times and purchase limits
  • package action for assigning an oxide permission group, which can be used in conjunction with other plugins to grant rewards for donating
  • package action for running console commands

Ban Management

  • store bans from all your servers into one database
  • web UI for ban management / public viewing
  • select which bans to enforce in which server

Role sync


  • ember.ban -- permission to use the /ban chat command
  • ember.unban -- permission to use the /unban chat command

Chat Commands

  • /ban <(partial) name/SteamID64> <time in minutes (0 for permanent)> "<reason>" <global?>
  • /unban <SteamID>


  "Host": "",
  "Token": ""
  • Host: the URL of your Ember installation
  • Token: the token of this server in the web configuration


This plugin is unlicensed and the original author reserves all rights to it.

The original author may request that this plugin be removed and there is a risk that the plugin may be unavailable in the future.

Note that the current maintainer may not have permission to assign a license to the plugin if they are not the original author, so explicit permission would need to be obtained from the original author in order for the plugin to remain openly available and guarantee that it will be around for all to enjoy going forward.