Allows you to add new chat commands

Supported Games

CustomChatCommands is a replacement for the old CustomChatCommands plugin (now with universal support!) which allows you (the server owner) to add new chat commands to your server. This is useful if you want a command such as /website which - you guessed it - tells the player your servers website.

CCC also supports permissions, broadcasting, and console commands, allowing you to perform multiple actions from one command.


All setup is done via the configuration file, there are no chat commands (apart from the ones you add!). Simply copy and paste one of the examples (or edit one) and modify it to your liking.
To use multiple lines, simply put \n in the message where you want the line break to be.
To use multiple messages from one command, simply add another message to the array.
You can also add multiple console commands by doing the same thing.

The RconCmd field allows you to run rcon commands when a player runs a command. You may use {} and {} here which are replaced with the players name and id respectively when they run the command. For example:

say {} / {} has used the /noclip command!

would produce:

SERVER PsychoTea / 76561198096850385 has just run the /noclip command!

in chat.

Both max uses and cooldowns are also accepted (default 0 for none).

Console Commands

ccc.resetcooldowns - Resets all cooldowns
ccc.resetmaxuses - Resets all max uses

**Note: **Make sure, after adding/removing/editing the commands to reload the plugin.

If you have any suggestions or find any bugs please leave a comment on this plugins' thread :)


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