Creates additional spawn points for animals of your choosing, that re-spawn on a timer

Supported Games

Create custom animal spawn points. Upon death a timer will activate to re-spawn the animal. Has a built in controller to keep the animals close to their spawn point and to control their behavior in general. Unload the plugin and all animals will be erased, and upon server start animals will be re-spawned at their designated location.

Note: Occasionally the animal will run away after being spawned. It will return to its area usually in less then 1 minute then it will just wander around within a 100M radius of its original spawn location. It may even forage for food or take a nap :P

Chat Commands

  • /cas - Display commands for the plugin
  • /cas animals -- Print available animal types and IDs in your console
  • /cas add ## -- Activate the animal tool. Press fire to create new spawn locations for animal ID ##. Once done type /cas to end
  • /cas remove -- Remove the animal spawn for the animal you are looking at
  • /cas remove near <radius> -- Removes all animal spawns in <radius>(default 10M)
  • /cas near <radius> -- Show all custom animal spawns in radius
  • /cas wipe -- Remove all custom animal spawns


  • customanimalspawns.admin -- Allows player to use the /cas chat commands


  "RespawnTimer": 20 // The amount of time from when a animal is killed before it re-spawns (in minutes)
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