Automatically closes doors behind players after X seconds

Supported Games

NOTE: Currently this only supports Rust and Hurtworld, but more game support is on the way.

Auto Doors automatically closes doors behind players after the default amount of seconds or as set by them. The delay is by default set to 5 seconds, but you can change that in the config file if desired. This does require permissions to be set, but you can set them for the entire default group if you'd like.


  • autodoors.allowed -- Allows player to toggle and have automatic doors

Chat Commands

This plugin provides universal chat and console commands. When using a command in the chat, prefix it with a forward slash / or the symbol you have configured in umod.config.json.

  • ad -- Disable doors automatically closing for player._
  • ad # -- Set automatic door closing delay for player

The command aliases autodoor and autodoors are also available.


  "CancelOnKill": false,
  "DefaultDelay": 5,
  "MaximumDelay": 30,
  "MinimumDelay": 5,
  "UsePermissions": false


  "DelayDisabled": "Automatic door closing is now disabled",
  "NotAllowed": "You are not allowed to use the '{0}' command",
  "DelaySet": "Automatic door closing delay set to {0}s",
  "Usage": "/{0} to disable automatic doors\n /{0} # (a number between 5 and 30)"


  • Bombardir, for the original version of this plugin

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