Players must enter a password after they wake up or else they'll be kicked

Supported Games

Authentication is a plugin designed with private servers in mind. It makes it possible to setup one without having to worry about Steam Groups nor SteamIDs. Just choose a password of your preference and you're ready to go.

After wake up, players will be requested to enter the /auth command along with the password the server owner should have shared with them.

There's a limited time to enter the command after the wake up, if players fail to authenticate before the time runs they're kicked from the server. A maximum amount of retries can also be configured.


  1. Place Authentication.cs in the plugins folder.
  2. Type in the server console: auth password [new password]
  3. Done!

Chat Commands

Syntax: /auth command [required] (optional)

  • /auth [password]Authenticates player
  • /auth password
    Shows current password
  • /auth password [new password]
    Sets new password
  • /auth toggle (on/off)
    Toggles authentication on/off
  • /auth status
    Shows the status of the plugin (on/off)
  • /auth timeout
    Shows current timeout
  • /auth timeout [new timeout]
    Sets new timeout
  • /auth help
    Shows in-game commands
  • /auth retries
    Shows current maximum retries
  • /auth retries [new retries]
    Sets new maximum retries


  • authentication.edit
    Allows usage of all edit commands.


    Whether the plugin is enabled or not.

    The argument of the /auth command.

    Prevent non-authenticated player from chatting.

    Prevent users from telling the password in the chat by replacing it with '*'s.
    Warning: This can cause issues with other plugins that modify the chat. Report any bugs you find.

    Maximum amount of time that players have to authenticate before being kicked.

    Maximum amount of wrong password retries before a user is forcefully kicked.

  "ENABLED": true,
  "PASSWORD": "changeme",
  "PREVENT_CHAT": true,
  "RETRIES": 0,
  "TIMEOUT": 30


    The message that will be displayed BEFORE authentication. {TIMEOUT} is automatically replaced by the TIMEOUT variable below.

    The error message that appears on the kicked screen.

    The message that will be displayed AFTER authentication.

  "PASSWORD_REQUEST": "Type /auth [password] in the following {TIMEOUT} seconds to authenticate or you'll be kicked.",
  "AUTHENTICATION_TIMED_OUT": "You took too long to authenticate or exceeded the maximum amount of retries.",
  "AUTHENTICATION_SUCCESSFUL": "Authentication successful."


  • misticos, the original author of this plugin
This plugin is unlicensed and the original author reserves all rights to it.

The original author may request that this plugin be removed and there is a risk that the plugin may be unavailable in the future.

Note that the current maintainer may not have permission to assign a license to the plugin if they are not the original author, so explicit permission would need to be obtained from the original author in order for the plugin to remain openly available and guarantee that it will be around for all to enjoy going forward.