An easy to use arena wall generator

Supported Games

Easily create and remove arena walls. Great for surrounding zones or for boxing players in when you're desperate to take control of a situation that requires your immediate action.


  • Zone Manager (optional)

Chat Commands

  • /awg [radius] <stone|wood> -- Create walls around the specified radius, optionally as wood or stone. Default is stone. Use the command by itself while standing inside of an arena to remove the generated walls.

If you want protection for your walls then I'd recommend Zone Manager. The only protection this plugin provides is respawning walls when they're destroyed (disabled by default).


Extra High External Wall Stacks (default: 2) - The number of extra walls to stack on top. This helps prevent boosting out of the arena.

Create Least Amount Of Walls (default: false) - By default all arena walls are equally level at the top. Set to true to disable this.

Maximum Arena Radius (default: 300) - The maximum radius allowed when creating.

Use Wooden Walls (default: false) - By default external stone walls are created. Set this to true to use wooden instead.

Chat Command (default: awg) - The command to create and remove arena walls.

Respawn Zone Walls On Death (default: false) - If true then arena walls will be respawned when they're destroyed by decay, a plugin, or a player/admin.

This uses the same arena wall generator from the plugin Duelist.


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