Removes the need for certain items when crafting and repairing

Supported Games

A rewrite is in the works to resolve issues with this plugin. Please bare with me as I'm extremely busy.

Anti Items completely removes the need for having some items for crafting, repairing, or just anything really. This basically works by adding items to hidden slots in the player's inventory, so make sure you choose your items carefully.


  • antiitems.use -- Allows player to craft, repair, etc. without the configured components/items


  "Settings": {
    "Components": {
      "gears": 1000,
      "metalpipe": 1000,
      "metalspring": 1000,
      "propanetank": 1000,
      "riflebody": 1000,
      "roadsigns": 1000,
      "rope": 1000,
      "semibody": 1000,
      "sewingkit": 1000,
      "sheetmetal": 1000,
      "smgbody": 1000,
      "tarp": 1000,
      "techparts": 1000
    "Refresh Time": 120.0,
    "Use Active Item Refreshing": true


  • This plugin removes the need for having all components that are used, however I excluded blades because players would be able to craft infinite salvaged tools if these were included
  • This was originally made for my Blueprint System plugin, but thought I might as well include the ability to do this for every item
  • At the moment, items will only be set/refreshed on player initialization/player respawn

Planned Features

  • On-the-fly config reloading
  • Refreshing item numbers every x amount of seconds
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