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An in-game mail system where players can send messages and attach items

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This plugin can work (2) ways; virtual and physical.

When virtual a player can access his/her mailbox by typing /mail

When physical a player must have a physical mailbox to mail and receive. This is created by typing /mail new... which places a sign in the players location. Using /mail new destroys any old mailboxes and creates a new one (contents carry over). To access the mailbox when using physical mode you must interact with the sign.


Once inside the mail interface a player can "Compose" a new message or read existing messages.

When composing a player is given the chance to provide a subject, a message, and attach an item. It will automatically check the players main inventory for items. If the inventory is empty, it will skip this step. Attached items are removed from the players inventory.

Players can send messages to anyone online or anyone that has logged into the server atleast once since Absolut Mail was installed. If in physical mode, the player must have a mailbox to be sent mail.

Mail Icon

There is also an option to enable or disable a new mail icon on screen. If enabled, players will have a new mail icon near the upper right corner (just to the left of Lusty Map Mini Map.)


  "AllowAttachments": true, -- Enable/Disable Attachments
  "InfoInterval": 10 ,-- 0 Disables Chat notification
  "MailLimit": 10, -- Sets mailbox limit
  "PhysicalBoxKeyBinding": "n", --- MailBox Keybinding for Physical mode.
  "PhysicalMailBox": true, -- Force physical mailbox to mail/receive
  "UseMailBoxIcon": true -- Enable/Disable New mail icon

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