Options for zone visibility and darknessSuggestion
I'm sure most of you have seen NPC Raid Bases by now.  Could we get zone manager an option (per zone, not just a global one) to show a bubble.  I have some zones I would not want to show like Town.  But like PVP zones it would be cool to show visually to players
That would be SO awesome! +1
Agreed.  Now if somehow we could get the busiest man in Rust to make it happen

Bump, I'd like to see this with rectangle zones instead of only Zone Domes

Ohh my gawds this would be so amazing, like I have one extra plug-in to make the PvP zones darker/visible and then I have another one that makes them show as red spots on the map, if this was built in zone-manager it would be so amazingly magical 🤩

But yeah, doesn't hurt to ask even though it has been stated that the developer for this plug-in is super busy 😂