Buildings not deacying when flag nodestruct is on
zones not decaying when flag nodestruct is on
Issue when flag set to undestructable building not decaying. I dont know if this is by design but I need buildings to decay still.
I would think that is by design. Decay simply damages entities. If something is flagged nodestruct, then it wouldnt take the decay damage.
I would like it if it did decay still.. Any help?
Why? If you want it to be undestructable, why would you want it to take decay damage? Explain the scenerio and maybe theres a way to do what you want.
to make building unraidable but still take decay

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should I submit for a new plugin?
Please fix... No decay is set off but decay is still off

I wish this was fixed, very badly. ive set up a server counting on that fact lol

Since no one has written this here and it's been bumped 4 months ago I figured it wouldn't hurt.

This is not happening at ours most likely because we have the this config in the files set to "true" :) - Hope this helps 💛


"Allow decay damage in zones with Undestr flag": false,


Thank you