/xpgive (playername) (amount)Fixed

/xpgive (playername) (amount) should be by steamID and not playername! This is just stupid since players can have spaces and special characters.

Also, names are still the old, even  when players change name on steam.

The backpack icon are not removed when set to False

Play names do not have to be exact. If they have spaces or special characters just leave that out and use the first few letters of their names. It will automatically detect the player.

I will be releasing another update this week that will fix the backpack icons and add several new features 

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Also I will look at adding a second set of commands to use steamid for those having issues like your having.

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Ok, next version will now have changes to xpgive, xptake, and xpresetplayer commands with option for type (name or id)

"/xpgive name playername 100" - will give player with matching name 100 xp
"/xpgive id playerid 100" - will give player with matching steamID 100 xp

same thing with /xptake and /xpresetplayer 

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I also created a special check to make sure player name in the record are forced to update each time a player joins the server in case their names do not match.

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