Pause XPerience during eventsSuggestion

Hi, firstly thanks for this plugin. It's a great addition to my server. 

One thing I'm trying to get around is whether I can pause XPerience whilst players are in events (like GunGame on Event Manager in my case). 

As you can imagine, the extra armour / dodging bullets has an effect in the GunGame arena and I want to make it more of a level playing field. 

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or a setting I've overlooked. 

Thanks - TGP Admin

I have not added any options or event detection into XPerience, I will have to look into this ability.  The only way for sure to "pause" XPerience while an event is going on would be to unload the mod and reload it once the event is over.

I will see if I can implement a feature to "pause" this in such a way for events.

I know for raidable bases - theres options in the config to disable teleportation, or wizardry (i think). It's based on zones - so it could be potentially an option for GunGame since that would be the "zone" which needs to get modified.

Either way though, im sure theres a number of ways to approach it.