When making adjustments to the XPerience settings using the in game Admin Panel:
  • Adjust all settings to best fit your server and desired results
  • Click "Save Setting" on the menu to save your changes
  • Click "Reload Mod" to reload XPerience with new settings

If you do not click "Reload Mod" after you save your settings it will not use the new adjustments, make sure this is done anytime you make changes!

When Should "Fix Player Data" be used?
  • ONLY if you adjust "Level Start", "XP Requirement Increase" and/or "Stat/Skill Points per Level" settings
Anytime you adjust these options you must use the "Fix Player Data" button so the system can recalcualte all players data and adjust their level and points based on the new settings. If you do not use this feature then players data will not be in sync with the new requirements.

Note: The "Fix Player Data" will recalculate ALL players in the system by resetting their levels, stats, skills, and points. It will then adjust their level based on the amount of XP they have and the "Level Start" and "XP Reuirement Increase" settings to assign them their correct level and points they should have.