UINotify Icon

If you want to use UINotify plugin with XPerience and have the icon work as well you'll also need ImageLibrary plugin on your server. After that setup the UINotify plugin as you want with XPerience own message section so only it uses that specific message. Go to the admin panel in XPerience and setup the UINotify options the way you want for the messages and enable. In the UINotify config you can enable the image and copy this address for the image: http://www.skilledsoldiers.net/Rust/XPerience80.png

In UINotify for that message use these settings:

"Title Key (lang)": "XPerience",
"Image Settings": {
  "Enabled": true,
  "Image": "http://www.skilledsoldiers.net/Rust/XPerience80.png",

Is it possible to make this compatible with Notify Plugin by Mevent? Not sure why there are seperate UINotify and Notify plugins.. They seem to be the same plugin with different names. 😑

Thank you. He also has another version on another site called Notify. That was the first one he released and I've been using it ever since for a few other plugins. No problem at all, I can use both versions.