Makes my server not visible and can't joinSolved

After this update I can't see my server or join it anymore. When I unload the plugin I can get on it again. My RCON and FTP are fine, I have tried to verify the server, update it, restart it but it's no longer visible in my favs until I remove this plugin.

Did you remove before unload /config/welcomer.json and in /lang/en/welcomer.json ? Then upload it again.

I can't see how the plugin could interfere with that, as all it does is send messages 🤔

Yes, I unloaded the plugin, then removed all files, uploaded new plugin then changed some settings, basically all set to true, after that, I could no longer see my server in my favs or history and could not join, this was the same day... I played earlier, then changed the plugin, then tried to play later and it was gone, only change I made that day was this plugin...I will try wiping now.

Did you try to connect with the console?    client.connect yourIP:port

Nope, turns out that it was weird timing.  Apparently my server name was an official name and it was banned. I changed my server name and it's all good now. #BS!!!

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