Refund Engine Items on Kill: false - does not work, still refunds

i have set "Refund Module Items On Kill": false,
I still get engine parts refunded.

"Refund Fuel On Kill": true,
      "Refund Fuel On Crash": true,
      "Refund Inventory On Kill": true,
      "Refund Inventory On Crash": true,
      "Refund Engine Items On Kill": false,
      "Refund Engine Items On Crash": true,
      "Refund Module Items On Kill": false,
      "Refund Module Items On Crash": true,
      "Drop Inventory Items When Vehicle Recall": false,
      "Chassis Type (Small, Medium, Large)": "Large",​

Please distinguish between Kill and Crash...
The /kill command is also Kill...

I used the /kill command, as screenshotted in the post.
"Refund Engine Items on Kill ("/kill large")": false

yes the problem is with me too.I also get the engine parts back, even though it is false

Sorry for the late reply, should be fixed in the latest version😁

Very nice, thank you for your time and effort :)