Reimbursement system ??? SuggestionSuggestion
I have 2 suggestions for this plugin.

1- When the vehicle is dead (crash), the player receives a percentage of reimbursement for the purchase of the vehicle (with support for Economics and ServerRewards or with items).

Maybe not necessarily a percentage, but the possibility of configuring this in the config file.Basically it would be like an insurance system.
2- Possibility of reselling the vehicle.
With a command (exple: /sell ... ), the player can resell his vehicle and it disappears from his data.
Possibility to configure the resale price of each vehicle in the config file.

What do you think?and is this feasible?
I think that would be a + for the plugin.
It would also be interesting to be able to set different purchase prices for VIPs

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It would also be nice to add an option in the configuration:

- Vehicles can only be recalling in its construction privilege: false / true.

Its would be a plus for the plugin.