When did individual vehicle permissions disappear?
I made the mistake up updating today (thank god I have backups) and had 140 players screaming at me (we have ranks and higher ranks get more vehicles they can use from this plugin) as nobody could spawn anything.  I checked permissions and sure enough all the vehicle ones were gone (the individual ones like .hab .mini etc.)

When did that happen?  Is it on purpose?  That's terrible if it is
When the plugin is unloaded, all vehicles will disappear

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If you mean data, I don't think the data will be deleted


These disappeared when I updated.  The only ones remaing were like ".all" and "use" etc.
You should use the 'o.show perms' command to see if permissions are registered
They were not registered.  But they were before I updated.  I reverted back and they are there again so I am happy with the old version 1.4.13
You should check the config  because the permission name is in the config
    "MiniCopter": {
      "Purchasable": true,
      "Use Permission": true,
      "Permission": "vehiclelicence.minicopter",///////////////////////////here​