Wipe licenses on map wipe?Solved
I am wondering if there is a way I can wipe the player licenses when Rust Devs initiate the monthly forced wipe? Is there a built-in setting or is there a console command I can use?

I am also wondering if I need to set "Clear Vehicle Data On Map Wipe" to true for the vehicle license to auto wipe with the map being wiped? Is that the built-in command to wipe all the players' purchased vehicles upon map wipe?
"Clear Vehicle Data On Map Wipe" = true  /////// Just enable it
The following settings did not work:

"Clear Vehicle Data On Map Wipe" = true​

I had to unload the plugin and then delete the data folder json file before getting the wipe to work. Furthermore, I noticed that even though my config folder's .json file had the setting set to true, the actual plugin (.cs) did not pick up the setting even after reloading the oxide plugin. I changed the setting to true on the plugin (.cs) file itself. So now to wait and see if it actually wipes on the next forced wipe.
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