Allows team/clan/friend to be able loot container


  "AllowIfDifferentOwner": false,
  "AllowIfNoOwner": false,
  "CraftCooldownSeconds": 10.0,
  "DefaultSharingSettings": {
    "Clan": true,
    "ClanOrAlly": true,
    "Friends": true,
    "Team": true
  "ModularCarSettings": {
    "AllowEditingWhileLockedOut": true

when flying, my mate can't loot container (for take lowgradefuel) in minicopter (We are in clan, friends and team ^^)


That should be working as far as I know. Do you have any other plugins that determine whether players can loot entities?

Can you show the exact message the player seems when they try to loot the container?


my mate is offline now few days ago... idk when he back play

Yeah Prevent Looting could be the issue. I see in the config that you only allow players to lock vehicles that they own, meaning that the minicopter is owned, so only the minicopter owner would be able to loot containers on the minicopter. Prevent Looting has an option to exclude entities so you might be able to exclude the helis or their fuel containers. It looks like Prevent Looting also has a team support option but not sure how well that works with vehicles since I haven't used that plugin. First we should verify the error message to determine which plugin is preventing the player from looting the container.

Edit: I just tried reproducing with Prevent Looting, and it doesn't seem to be preventing looting minicopter containers under any circumstances. Also checked the code to confirm. This means it's a different plugin causing the issue.

maybe LockMaster?

otherwise I don't see what other plugin could block this

my mate is always offline, can't test more for help you..