Access to path '...' is deniedNot An Issue

I am trying to install a valheim server but the core and app fails to install.

I have the error : Failed to extract Valheim in diretory '...'
access to the paht '...' is denied

Could you provide a screenshot of the issue as well as the steps you used?

I seem  to be unable to upload a screen shot but I copy pasted the error from the command line here :

[uMod] 04:17 PM [Error] Failed to extract Valheim in directory: Path\valheim_server_Data/Managed
Access to the path 'Path\valheim_server_Data\Managed\System.Core.dll' is denied.
[uMod] 04:17 PM [Error] Core install failure

As for the steps I took, I followed the commands listed on the uMod instalation guides.

It looks like the user you are trying to install as does not have permission to the server files. You'd need to make sure that the user who installed the server is also the one running the agent and server.

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