Umod and lgsm compatibility?Solved


Can we install a valheim server using lgsm and use umod in compatibility with?
(like in rust servers, for example)

Thanks for the info.
Is there any video / tutorial that simplify everything a little bit?

Is there a reason you need to use LGSM?

If you don't want the Agent to install or update the server itself, you'd just need to have it run the update step only for the core and apps using the filter options.

Ex. > umod update core apps extensions --patch-available --strict --validate --prerelease

The reason why i want to use LGSM is because of the clean, simple, bugs free usage and automatic updates / restart.
No problems with lgsm since the Valheim release.
So basically i want lgsm updating and restarting the valheim server and umod just to use some of the umod mods.

Well, either way you'd still be utilizing the uMod Agent, just not for server updates. The uMod Agent is still needed for managing everything uMod-related. The above command should be all that is needed.

If you want to add game server updating, it'd just be a matter of adding one word to the command  I mentioned above.

You'd still need to have the latest .NET installed as well as the uMod Agent for the command mentioned to work.

And for example, it is possible to create a cron that auto starts the valheim server when it is offline
or that detects that there is a new update available and updates then auto starts the valheim server? 
(in this kind of things, LGSM is really useful).
Cause if i remember well, when valheim umod agent released i tried it, the game server started but it is not present in game servers list.

The uMod Agent hasn't been released yet, it's still pre-release and in development. Also, the server showing on the list or not wouldn't be related to the uMod Agent or uMod itself, the server would just need to be fully installed and fully running.

As far as a cron goes, you can run commands from uMod Agent like you would any other Linux command once it is installed. For detecting updates, the uMod Agent can also do that, but something would have to physically start the server after restart.

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