UMod Discord Support


I beleive catalyst mentioned a few months back that the Discord mod team was working on porting it over. "The developers of the Discord extension have already started porting it so it probably won't be too long.". Just wondering if theres any progress on this yet?


I don't think so yet, but you can use any of the universal, standalone Discord plugins that just use web hooks for now. Ideally the extension would be rewritten as a plugin rather than an extension, but we'd need to have websockets of some sort available for plugins to use.

Thanks for the update, is there any time period on when sockets are going to be implemented. We can make so much more use of uMod with Discord plugins available. Right now theres not a lot you can do with it.

I don't think sockets are high on the list right now, but I imagine it wouldn't take much to port the extension if you wanted to as well, as it would mostly involve some renames and recompiling.