Use bepinex plugins and uMod plugins?Not An Issue

Hello, How I can start a server with bepinex plugins and uMod plugins?

Sorry, we do not support other mods, and I don't think there's really a reason to use both together on the server. Most plugins for BepinEx on Valheim are client-side mods, so there's very little benefit to using it server-side, especially if you are already using uMod.

OH :( I am using bepinex plugin because of server-side character for a community server, but I like some uMod plugins too like auto restart, save etc. 

Could you show which BepinEx mod you are trying to use exactly?

Server Messages is there something working for valheim in "Universal"?


Server Messages is there something working for valheim in "Universal"?

There are multiple ones; Auto Broadcast, Broadcast Alerts, Timed Execute, etc.

It created server-side characters. So people can't join to the server without id and can't transfer items from different servers or single player. uMod does not have something like this yet.

There may not be something yet, but it would be possible if someone wanted to.

Hope so :) then uMod will be for me number 1. But i Dont think this is possible to make only server-side. 

We've implemented some functionality that plays along with client mods such as VChat, so it's possible the to work with others, but generally via direct integration vs. trying to get two frameworks to work together smoothly.

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