Can't find .NET 5.0 runtimeNot An Issue


I have a problem with the UMOD command - it doesn't work because it doesn't see .net 5.0.0 in the Program Files \ dotnet \ shared \ Microsoft.NETCore.App folder
I cannot move the .net files from the c: \ users \ mus \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ dotnet \ shared \ Microsoft.NatCore.App folder because I do not have administrator rights. Can I manually specify the path for umod to .net somehow?

It requires the .NET 5.0 SDK, not the 5.0 runtime. This is installed via our script automatically, but can be installed manually too.

I have .NET SDK 5.0.103 installed

What does the command dotnet --version show?

Version 3.1.201

So your system is defaulting to the older dotnet version.

Run the command:
dotnet new globaljson --sdk-version 5.0.103

Ok, done


Hmmm, it disappeared now... have you tried installing the .NET 5 SDK directly?

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