Existing world not loadedNot An Issue
I've installed umod on my dedicated server on a server hoster webpage. After restarting my server, all folders could be created including the plugin folder. In the next step I copied the downloaded plugin-file (.cs) onto the designated folder and restarting it again. Config file was created so everything seems to be okay. I tried to login to the server but it was loading any random world and not the one I've set up with my server. I also found out after installing umod, an folder called "world" was created but with only the file: "worldname.fwl" inside, so I copied all world data from my previous world in to the folder created by umod, but unfortunately it does not work, instead he connects me to a random generated world which is quite similar.

The umod version installed on my server is:  1.2.267-develop

Any suggestions or does anyone has the same error?

Thanks in advance
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