Hello everyone, I can't figure out why the plugin won't compile

Here is the error message in the logs
[uMod] 11:29 AM [Error] Error while compiling Brodcast: Compiler disconnected message was null
Compiler failed: Compiler disconnected message was null
[uMod] 11:29 AM [Info] No previous version to rollback plugin: Brodcast
Here is the plugin code
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using uMod.Configuration.Toml;

namespace uMod.Plugins
    [Info("Brodcast", "CryZeR", "0.0.1")]
    [Description("Broadcast message")]
    internal class Brodcast : Plugin
        #region Config

        private Configuration _config;

        [Config, Toml]
        private class Configuration
            public int Interval = 150;
            public string Message = "message";


        private void Loaded(Configuration config) => _config = config;

        private void OnServerInitialized()
            timer.Every(_config.Interval, () =>
                Server.Broadcast(_config.Message, this);
I am writing through a translator