Where to install plugins?Solved

Hello, just had a quick question. 

I've been installing mods on Rust for a while, now am trying to switch to Valheim. 

On Rust, an Oxide folder was already created for me etc, where might I drag this folder to? 

That's all, thanks.

Same thing; umod/plugins folder is created when uMod is installed and server has started.

Okay, I bought a server through - SurvivalServers

Would I need to go through and install it still? I see a file through; /valheim_server_Data/Plugins
Installing it there, would that work? Just wanna make sure, thanks for the quick response. 

Unless they provide you with a way to install uMod (not the same thing as Oxide), you wouldn't be able to use the plugin. Some hosts use uMod as the name for Oxide, which isn't correct. Oxide is merely hosted on our site until uMod replaces it.

Okay, thanks. 

I'll go check it out more, if they don't, I'll just do it the way that's posted, thank you!

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