Flashbang and Molotov

How to protect against these in PvE?

they're blocked by default using the default configuration

allowDefaultDamage should not be true for the default ruleset. it should only ever be set true for PVP zones 

AuthorizedDamage and/or AuthorizedDamageRequiresOwnership flags will allow the damage if the player owns the entity, if its not owned by any player, or if they have TC auth

this flag overrides any rules as intended

So I have:

"defaultAllowDamage": false,

When I run a trace on Flashbangs I get the following:

From: Unknown_Weapon, Unknown_Prefab
To: BasePlayer, player
No shared locations (empty location) - no exclusions
No exclusion found - looking up RuleSet...
Using RuleSet "PvE"
Initiator empty; allow and return

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I also added fireball_small_molotov to block that dmg, reloaded, tested and it worked.  Then i tried it again and it killed me

edit: Reloaded again and now Molotovs dmg is being prevented again, however Flashbangs come up as "unknown"

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I think I figured it out, tested and I can dmg myself but players cannot dmg other players with flashbangs.

From: Unknown_Weapon, Unknown_Prefab

nothing the plugin can do when the source doesn't exist

so either the game is bugged and the initiator is lost or another plugin is setting it null.

I'm having an issue where, for some reason, Death Notes is causing molotov damage to still go through. When I unload DeathNotes, it works as intended with players and buildings not taking damage.

@Anteater46 can you post your truepve config? sounds like you just found a bug that's over 4 years old lol. that's awesome. i've always wondered why fire damage wasn't blocked when it should be.

Haha sure! I put it on pastebin

I had just thought to avoid spam I'd unload DeathNotes and then it just started working! :P

i've fixed this issue in the next update. I'm glad we finally know which plugin was the culprit =P