Damage to base/raiding/PvP

How to allow base raiding?
I have TruePvP along with Zone Manager and Auto Zone Manager and working as  they should with PvP in their respective zones and PvE where it should be. What I need is the abilty to allow raiding/PvP to bases.
This seems somewhat doable given the base has a no build zone already and make that a PvP zone that allows damage and PvP. Is that alreay a possiable config?

your zones should be excluded in TruePVE config so that zone manager controls everything in them


  "Mappings": {
    "default": "default",
    "1770934": "exclude",
    "7923414": "exclude"

If I understand correcttly, I need to add each zone manually for each player base?(not an option) What I am needing is auto zone to do that or TruePvE not to include player base's in its coverage.
Auto Zone creates the PvP zones so is that what needs to do this if possiable?
PvP at monument zones and player bases along with damage to allow raiding. All other areas PvE is the goal.

TPVE controls damage. zones must be added by you or the zone plugin using API in the documentation