Initiator empty - blocking in TruePVE

Question...I created a plugin that fires rockets at zombies.  These rockets have no initiator object so they are showing as 'empty'. TruePVE is blocking the damage to them, which is understandable.  Is there a way to allow the damage to these HTNPlayer/scarecrow objects?  Here is the trace and my config:

== 12:21:01.49657 ==
From: TimedExplosive, rocket_basic
To: HTNPlayer, scarecrow
Checking exclusions between [empty] and [empty]
Shared locations: none
No shared locations, or no matching exclusion mapping - no exclusions
No exclusion found - looking up RuleSet...
Using RuleSet "default"
Initiator empty for explosion; block and return


TruePVE config:

 "rules": [
"anything can hurt npcs",
"explosives can hurt npcs"


"name": "npcs",
"members": "HTNPlayer, scarecrow",
"exclusions": ""
"name": "explosives",
"members": "explosive.timed, ammo.rocket.basic",
"exclusions": ""

hey, the plugin you are using must set the initiator

projectile.creatorEntity = attacker;

where projectile is the rocket, and the attacker is the npc firing the rocket.

Initiator empty for explosion; block and return

this is intentional and serves to prevent any exploits by players

That did it.  I had OwnerID and that wasn't working.    I'm glad I support your work, you rock! Thank you.

no problem :)

Is it possible to override that?  It is interfering with admins ability to f1 or keybind to spawn rocket_basic to kill npcs and/or structures.

it's not possible because there is no elegant way to determine who the initiator is. it is there to prevent any type of abuse. admins should use ent kill to destroy structures, and shoot npcs to kill them. i've asked facepunch several times to assign the initiator but they haven't fixed it yet