Bases be raidable after being inactive for X days

I saw someone else posted 2 years ago about this but there were no responses to it. Is it possible to configure this with the current version of this plugin? I know there is a Purge plugin but not sure how that would work with TruePVE or if it would conflict in anyway. If not would there be a way to implement this in a future update? Thanks in advance

hi, no plans to add this functionality to the plugin as it is beyond the scope of what this plugin provides, and it is much more difficult than just X can do Y when Z is true so it'll definitely require its own plugin with its own features :p

no idea about Purge. TruePVE has API that any plugin can use to achieve this.

Thanks for the answer. I think I found a plugin that will turn bases to PvP after being inactive for a given period. Just need to think whether or not I'll spend $30 or not lol

that is probably my plugin. wait for 1.0.7 update. i can discuss more in DM. locking this thread to prevent further discussion here as its frowned upon