Plugin install location?Solved

Good afternoon,

Got the latest version of uMod working just fine on my dedicated server.  Now I'm looking at the plugin library, but everything references an /oxide/plugins path which simply doesn't exist anywhere.  uMod came in the form of new/modified DLL's that go into the /TheForestDedicatedServer_Data/Managed/ folder of the server.  There is no /oxide/plugins folder at all.

For example I am trying to install this universal plugin:  uMod - Scheduled Messages by gunman435.  It comes in the form of a single .cs file.  I have no idea where to even put that .cs file.  I've tried the following locations:

1.  Inside the 'Managed' folder.
2.  Manually creating a 'plugins' folder inside the 'Managed' folder and placing it there.
3.  Inside the 'Plugins' folder of the root server which contains other server DLLs.

Whenever I start the server, it's never mentioned in the log that it finds the plugin and loads it.  Running the command oxide.plugins always returns that no plugins are loaded.

Please help.   Thanks in advance.

Turns out that an oxide folder was made on my desktop for some reason instead of inside the server directory.  no clue why but putting the plugins there seems to be just fine.

The folder would be created where you start the server from. This would traditionally be where the server is installed where you would start the server from.

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