Temp solution to fix losing ammo or attatchemns

When server loaded. UNLOAD STACK SIZE PLUGIN. Stacks will stay as configured, but weapon attachmens or bullets not gona dupe or lost until server will reboot. then repeat same after reboot.

I can confirm that this is indeed still occuring. I installed the latest version of the plugin and when I move weapons around in the inventory ammo already in the gun disappears and occassionally reappears. I have no multiplier on weapons, but I did modify ammo, resources, and comps at 2x.

Attachments also continue to disappear.

Had the same issue, bullet missing after loading into weapon. Attachment missing after loading into weapon as well even though I don't have custom modifier on weapon.

Great, thanks, we were struggling with this as well. Unloading the plugin does the trick for now, but we'll have to remember to do it every morning after restart. Hopefully this one gets fixed up.