Kicked: RPC Error in MoveItemNot An Issue

(12:24:47) | [Welcomer] [xxx] : theowntrip has left the server. Reason Kicked: RPC Error in MoveItem

? I am sorry but this gives me nothing to go on.

You will have to provide a lot more than just that for me to even try to re-create your issue.
If anything there should be an error in the console when it happens or a stack trace in the logs.
If you can explain as well how to re-create this problem that would be great.

plugin not update

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i have again rpc error when i move wood in my inventory (RPC ERROR)

Sorry not sure what you're saying, if you need to update the plugin simply download the latest update and replace the cs file on your current machine.

In regards to your issue again, this does not provide any sort of information that would lead to helping you resolve your problem.

If you would like to add me on discord>  Khan#8615 
then perhaps you could screen share the game bug + console output or provide the logs that I requested earlier on this thread post.

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Make sure you are on the latest update for oxide

I have again rpc error with wood and i have last version of oxide 2.0.5625 :

(11:12:20) | AssertionException: Assertion failure. Value was False
Expected: True
split_Amount <= 0
(11:12:20) | [Welcomer] [LPR] : B4st0s_31 has left the server. Reason Kicked: RPC Error in MoveItem

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and last version of plugin :

(11:12:28) | Unloaded plugin Stack Modifier v1.6.1 by Khan

getting same problem had to revert to an older verison 

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whoevber put not asn issue needs to rethink it and fix it