Does skin shop wipeSolved

will it wipe or will data stay i want to have it where it never wipes but do not see it in config file

It looks to me like it doesn't manually wipe. It puts the data into a json file in your oxide/data folder. I was looking at this on the opposite side of the spectrum. I wanted to run a full mod data wipe to coincide with next map reset. I have 3 other mods I will be running /wipe commands on, and I thought Skin Shop would be my 4th, but alas, I will have to just delete the data file to wipe it I think.

So yeah your data should be fine and not wipe by default, as I understand it. Edit: That doesn't stop the server admin from wiping it. If you are the admin, just don't touch whichever file is related to your own SteamID_items.json in the oxide/data directory.

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