Lags server

Players love this thing but it seems to cause some pretty massive lag for everyone else on the server when it is being used.  Is this anything that could be resolved?

Please can you paste your config file (remove discord API key if it's in there).
How many players do you have active on the server when this lag is happening?

Do you have access to see what's going on with the server resources?  (ie is the CPU high, is the memory full?)  Anything else you can tell me about when the lag is occurring?

Took some time to research this.  Seems like whenever a new page is loaded it decimates the server framerate.  My server framerate goes from about 75 down to 15 every time a page is loaded.  Then it bumps back up to 75.  My config file is not edited, its vanilla.  The only thing I have done is set up economics so people can buy the skins with it.  It doesn't matter how many players are on.  It does this when no one is on.  


[Skin Shop] Destroyed 70 elements
[Skin Shop] Destroyed 69 elements
Image failed to download! Error: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found - Image Name: - Image URL:
[Skin Shop] There was a missing image
[Skin Shop] Item Amazon Balaclava has been deleted from the skin database

Can you just confirm that you have `LoadSkinsFromDatabase` set to  "true" in the config?

The deleting from the database message is normal (this occurs when a skin can no longer be found in the workshop)

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Also try setting `EnabledCategoryIcons` to "false" in the config; and see if this helps?

It is set to true.

Enabling Category Icons to false helped server performance some but still causes massive dips in server frames which result in in-game jitters.   It seems like every time you would go back to the main menu and load the category icons it would cause a game freeze for clients, and every time you flip through page, a jitter.


The lag is so bad even with what you suggested doing that I reluctantly am going to have to uninstall it until you can figure out a patch.  Its one of the best things on my server, very useful for creating kits as well, but everyone can tell when someone is using it because it makes the game unplayable.

Exactly the same with us. All of us flew from the server after I clicked through the pages a little faster. In addition, the server was bad. After I removed the mod the server ran without any problems. Also on the local server, the server starts to freeze if you look for skins in it for a long time. It's a pity that everything is great, but the mod crashes the server when used intensively. Please solve this problem.