Player clients crashing after using GUIBug

If you are in the shop for a longer period of time, you are thrown from the server. With the reference Timed Out. All who use it. Is there any help?
Thanks Michael

I'm not sure what you mean?  AFK timeout is like 30 minutes or more?  I can't imagine someone browsing the shop for that long constantly and not touching any other keys (so not using the search or anything)

The longer you have been in the shop, the more the game jerks and you are thrown out.

So you mean you are just browsing through the shop pages, and then game becomes unstable?  How many pages did you browse, what steps can I take to replicate this?

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I've made an update in the latest version which will hopefully fix this memory leak.

Yes, unfortunately, that's right. We go through the pages to select and save certain skins. In addition, we blacklist everything that we don't like in order to make it available to our members. The problem is that after a while and then the game starts to stutter quite heavily and then you are thrown out.

Let me know if the latest version has solved this.

The shop is really awesome, but unfortunately no changes. Problem still exists. 

true, now you don't freeze when you use the store but it keeps taking players out of the game with the time out error

The problem is that after a while and then the game starts to stutter quite heavily and then you are thrown out. Time out come after.

Unfortunately there appears to be a memory leak bug with the Rust CUI system.  Where by garbage collector is not properly freeing memory after GUI is destroyed.  So if you have a low memory machine and then load lot of GUIs it will continue to use a lot of memory until you close the game or run garbage collection manually.

In the last update I modified the code to destory every element of the GUI individually, but still you said it does not free memory.

I tried to add garbage collection to the plugin, but Rust client appears to block the client from executing it:


So I will have to wait until someone tells me how to fix this issue.

Will those console commands work if the user executes them themselfs?

So when will the mod be fixed?