NPC, Owner, Admin Toggle?


In future updates/releases would it be possible to add a toggle in the config file to select the on/off tracking of NPC's (bots), Owner (The person who placed it) & Admins?

Awesome plugin by the way!

Thanks! ☺️

NPC toggle is possible.

Admin toggle is possible, but why?

When is it targeting the owner?


I run a PVP (DeathMatch) server. No Building, Crafting, Raiding, or Looting. I have autospawn boxes with Weapons, Ammo, Food & Medical around our small map in structures that I created. It is basically a non stop "Man for Himself" fight server. When any player gets killed, they randomly & instantly respawn to continue fighting. A scoreboard is available all month long until the next wipe. That way players can see who the "Top Dog" is as the month progresses.

Anyhoot... I have set up Search Lights on all of the supply structures I made and have converted them to "Security Lights" with your plugin. However, because I placed them (Owner) & I am the server Admin, they do not target me as a regular player and when I join the battle they do not track me which I think is unfair to the other players that do get targetted.

I also have "Night Zombies" NPC's at night to add to the excitement but I wish that they did not get targetted so that the Security Lights could concentrate on targeting human fighting players and the Heli when it comes around. "So please leave the Heli mode option please" Possible Ch47 tracking option too?

If you need any more info, Just let me know!

Thanks! πŸ˜‰