Player chat to discord channel issue

I have this error when trying to send in discord channel the game chat :


Failed to call hook 'OnPlayerChat' on plugin 'Rustcord v3.3.1' (ArgumentException: oldValue is the empty string.)
  at System.String.ReplaceInternal (System.String oldValue, System.String newValue) [0x00016] in <fb001e01371b4adca20013e0ac763896>:0
  at System.String.Replace (System.String oldValue, System.String newValue) [0x0000e] in <fb001e01371b4adca20013e0ac763896>:0
  at Oxide.Plugins.Rustcord.OnPlayerChat (BasePlayer player, System.String message, ConVar.Chat+ChatChannel channel) [0x00122] in <6ad588f7f7e94af6b88334dda85c9986>:0
  at Oxide.Plugins.Rustcord.DirectCallHook (System.String name, System.Object& ret, System.Object[] args) [0x00ebf] in <6ad588f7f7e94af6b88334dda85c9986>:0
  at Oxide.Plugins.CSharpPlugin.InvokeMethod (Oxide.Core.Plugins.HookMethod method, System.Object[] args) [0x00079] in <09575a60985045248bcb43b20faeeb99>:0
  at Oxide.Core.Plugins.CSPlugin.OnCallHook (System.String name, System.Object[] args) [0x000d8] in <d5f57e12edfe4fa0b5c5dbdd9b51eff8>:0
  at Oxide.Core.Plugins.Plugin.CallHook (System.String hook, System.Object[] args) [0x00060] in <d5f57e12edfe4fa0b5c5dbdd9b51eff8>:0


this is my actual config


  "General Settings": {
    "API Key (Bot Token)": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "Auto Reload Plugin": false,
    "Auto Reload Time (Seconds)": 901,
    "Enable Bot Status": false,
    "In-Game Report Command": "report",
    "Discord Extension Log Level (Verbose/Debug/Info/Warning/Error/Exception/Off)": "Info"
  "Discord to Game Settings": {
    "Discord Command Prefix": "/",
    "Discord to Game Chat: Icon (Steam ID)": xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
    "Discord to Game Chat: Tag": "[DSCD]",
    "Discord to Game Chat: Tag Color (Hex)": "#7289DA",
    "Discord to Game Chat: Player Name Color (Hex)": "#7289DA",
    "Discord to Game Chat: Message Color (Hex)": "#ffffff"
  "Rust Logging Settings": {
    "Enable Logging: Player Chat": true,
    "Enable Logging: Joins & Quits": true,
    "Enable Logging: Deaths": false,
    "Enable Logging: Vehicle Spawns (Heli/APC/Plane/Ship)": false,
    "Enable Logging: Crate Drops (Hackable/Supply)": false,
    "Enable Logging: Usergroup Changes": false,
    "Enable Logging: Permission Changes": false,
    "Enable Logging: Kicks & Bans": true,
    "Enable Logging: Player Name Changes": false,
    "Enable Logging: Server Commands (Gestures/Note Edits)": false,
    "Enable Logging: Server Messages (Give/Item Spawns)": true,
    "Enable Logging: Player F7 Reports": true,
    "Enable Logging: Team Changes": false,
    "Enable Logging: RCON Connections": false,
    "Enable Logging: Spectates": false,
    "Enable Logging: Server Wipe": false,
    "Enable Custom Logging": false
  "Plugin Logging Settings": {
    "Enable Logging: AdminHammer": false,
    "Enable Logging: Admin Radar": true,
    "Enable Logging: Better Chat Mute": true,
    "Enable Logging: Clans": false,
    "Enable Logging: Dangerous Treasures": false,
    "Enable Logging: Discord Auth": false,
    "Enable Logging: Godmode": false,
    "Enable Logging: Kits": false,
    "Enable Logging: Private Messages": false,
    "Enable Logging: Raidable Bases": true,
    "Enable Logging: Sign Artist": true,
    "Enable Logging: Vanish": false
  "Premium Plugin Logging Settings": {
    "Enable Logging: Air Event": true,
    "Enable Logging: Armored Train Event": false,
    "Enable Logging: Cargo Train Event": true,
    "Enable Logging: Convoy Event": true,
    "Enable Logging: Harbor Event": false,
    "Enable Logging: Junkyard Event": true,
    "Enable Logging: Power Plant Event": false,
    "Enable Logging: Satellite Dish Event": false,
    "Enable Logging: Sputnik Event": false,
    "Enable Logging: Water Event": false
  "Discord Output Formatting": {
    "Output Type: Bans (Simple/Embed)": "Embed",
    "Output Type: Bug Report (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type: Deaths (Simple/Embed/DeathNotes)": "Simple",
    "Output Type: F7 Reports (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type: Join/Quit (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type: Join Player Info (Admin Channel) (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type: Kicks (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type: Note Logging (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type: Player Name Change (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type: /Report (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type: Server Wipe (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type: Teams (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type (Plugin): Admin Hammer (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type (Plugin): Admin Radar (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type (Plugin): Better Chat Mute (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type (Plugin): Clans (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type (Plugin): Dangerous Treasures (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type (Plugin): Discord Auth (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type (Plugin): Godmode (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type (Plugin): Kits (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type (Plugin): Private Messages (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type (Plugin): Raidable Bases (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type (Plugin): Vanish (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type (Premium Plugin): AirEvent (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type (Premium Plugin): ArmoredTrainEvent (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type (Premium Plugin): CargoTrainEvent (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type (Premium Plugin): ConvoyEvent (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type (Premium Plugin): HarborEvent (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type (Premium Plugin): JunkyardEvent (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type (Premium Plugin): PowerPlantEvent (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type (Premium Plugin): SatDishEvent (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type (Premium Plugin): SputnikEvent (Simple/Embed)": "Simple",
    "Output Type (Premium Plugin): WaterEvent (Simple/Embed)": "Simple"
  "Logging Exclusions": {
    "Exclude Listed Groups From log_groups": [
    "Exclude Listed Permissions From log_perms": [
  "Filter Settings": {
    "Chat Filter: Replacement Word": "<censored>",
    "Chat Filter: Words to Filter": [
  "Discord Logging Channels": [
      "Discord Channel ID #": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
      "Channel Flags": [
      "Custom: Words/Phrases to Log": [
      "Discord Channel ID #": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
      "Channel Flags": [
      "Custom: Words/Phrases to Log": [
  "Discord Command Role Assignment (Empty = All roles can use command.)": {
    "ban": [
    "com": [
    "kick": [
    "mute": [
    "players": [
    "timeban": [
    "unban": [
    "unmute": [

and I use BetterChat, only the chat log send this error, all other thing work

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