Message (Helicopter being killed) is missing
In the config file I have
  "LogDeaths": true,

and i have a chennel with option 


All messages appear like expected except for Helicopter being killed.
Here is a fragment of DeathNotes config:

        "KillerType": "*",
        "VictimType": "Helicopter",
        "DamageType": "*",
        "Messages": [
          "{victim} был сбит."

I tried to activate

  "Show Kills in Console": true,

to check the message from DeathNotes and it's there ("Вертолёт был сбит.") with no ploblem:

17:39 [Info] [Death Notes] kaktotak застрелил Horacio из Штурмовая винтовка с 4.9 метров.
17:39 [Info] [Death Notes] kaktotak застрелил Bryce из Штурмовая винтовка с 3.7 метров.
17:39 [Info] [Death Notes] Вертолёт был сбит.
17:39 [Info] [Death Notes] kaktotak застрелил Joel из Штурмовая винтовка с 9.3 метров.
17:40 [Info] [Death Notes] Proxogiu застрелил Josephina из MP5A4 с 3.4 метров.
17:40 [Info] [Death Notes] Proxogiu застрелил Karon из MP5A4 с 4.3 метров.

But for some reason it's not in the channel

Maybe I'm missing something?

P.S. APC Bradley being killed message appears without any issues

Pretty sure it's DeathNotes, I know it's had issues in the past relaying the heli kill for some reason.
Nope. Tested with Discord Death, works like expected.

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The reason of this is this check:
if (data["VictimEntityType"] == null || data["KillerEntityType"] == null) return;​

There is no killer in this message, but why are you filtering it? You can just show it "as is" without any icons and stuff...

Is it possible for that issue to be fixed? only Heli being downed will not show, specifying who shot it is not essential

+1 for this it shows bradley being destroyed just not the attck heli. any way to make this work?