Clan Tag on log_clanchat?
Hello there,
Seeing how there is
  • log_clans
  • log_clanchat
is it possible for the clan chat to show the name of their clan on the log?
in the language file in en you've got:

"RUST_OnClanCreate": ":family_mwgb: Clan [{clantag}] has been created.",
"RUST_OnClanDestroy": ":family_mwgb: Clan [{clantag}] has been disbanded.",
"RUST_OnClanChat": ":speech_left: [CLANS] {playername}: {message}",

Is there a way to make it so RUST_OnClanChat displays the Clans name like how creating and destroying clans does? I've tried adding the [{clantag}] after [CLANS] but it it did nothing but show "[CLANS] [{clantag}] Riiloo: test" on discord.

If theres an alternative way or if it even is possible, could someone explain how I would configure it to show the name of the clan? Cheers if you can

I would also like to know about this too.. I've tried (in the lang file) but non of these seem to work 

(yes I did a o.reload Rustcord on each one as well)

"RUST_OnPlayerChat": ":speech_left: {clan} {playername}: {message}",
"RUST_OnPlayerChat": ":speech_left: {clans} {playername}: {message}",
"RUST_OnPlayerChat": ":speech_left: [CLANS] {playername}: {message}",
"RUST_OnPlayerChat": ":speech_left: [{clan}] {playername}: {message}",

has anyone gotten it to work yet?
has anyone gotten it to work yet?

Unfortunatly not. I havn't found anyone to get it to work yet